"CORE" is NOT the middle of the body. It is the MIND! The first step to wisdom is understanding


noun 1. The tough central part of various fruits, containing the seeds."quarter the pears, remove the cores then slice again into wedges"

2. the central or most important part of something.

What the "fitness industry" calls the core is in actuality the midsection.



3. the middle part of something.

the midriff.


Coach kt was born in Kingston Jamaica and possesses the skill and eye of a fine ARTIST as well as the experience of a former athlete in track and field and football. He posses over 30 years of experience in training professional athletes, collegiate athletes, youth athletes and those dedicated to optimal health and longevity. He has created a unique alignment based training methodology called "THE WAY" and is currently the teacher/instructor for THE CORE FACILITY. 

The 5 0f 8 primary pillars to our training system

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This program was designed to facilitate the need of the many. We often hear teachers and trainers saying that 'the fundamentals' are important. Well, I have found over the years through experience and through many acquired injuries in my early years, that the understanding of that word is different for most everyone in our industry.

My understanding of it is that we must reach further back than what is the conventional way of thinking. We must realize that the initial purpose of training was for health first and foremost and performance will assuredly become the byproduct. I believe we have left that mode of thinking and focused on the latter. 

For me, health is primary and with that as the beginning, I created the WAY method. 

First, the understanding that the CORE of the human body is the brain/mind is fundamental to understanding proper training. Without the mind, there is no means to locomote the body, no means to direct it to do anything, It is the first thing that must be cultivated and strengthened, it must accept the task at hand and be ready to fight the screams of the body for its own good. The brain also burns a considerable amount of calories when in concentrated use.

The second thing is to know is that alignment and symmetry is necessary for optimal functioning of the body as well as mitigating injury and increasing longevity that is healthy and pain free. 

We begin from there by recognizing shoulder alignment, hip alignment, gate, foot strike, knee collapse neck protrusion and many more factors. Once these things are assessed, we begin with our foundation, the feet. there are many factors with the foot that lead to issues going up the chain from the knees to the hip to the back, shoulders and neck. Addressing the feet first, will reveal many issues that have remained dormant or that have not been recognized as the cause of weaknesses or pain. The toes, the arch and the ankle must have exercises to develop them to a base standard and the removal of footwear is the first step to this end. From connecting to the ground, we move to stability training using the bosu ball and single leg movements to strengthen the body properly.

From there we move to breath - the essential for life itself. We are never taught its importance and how to master it for greater health and performance, but in this program it is mandatory. 

The purpose of each move and  the reason for each move is explored and explained so you can better connect to the exercise and develop a cleaner neuromuscular connection for greater muscle and bone development as well as a more reactive body. Understanding the reason for a movement allows for the EGO to be removed. There is  difference between the reason for a movement and the goal of a movement. The goal is the end result of the movement while the reason is the purpose of the movement. Don't let the GOAL drive the PURPOSE, the purpose will lead to the goal.