"They call it coaching but it is teaching. You do not just tell them...you show them the reasons." 

Vince Lombardi

Creating art or refining the body, it's all in the details.


Coach Turner was born In Kingston Jamaica and moved to the U.S. as a youth. As an artist from birth, He spent most of his free time studying and drawing the human body, He also discovered a passion for running as well as football.  


         During his college years, yearly rehabilitation to heal his many injuries became a staple. He ultimately grew impatient when he was not fully healed by the therapists. To him, this was  unacceptable.  He decided to address the issue himself, so he began looking at the human body in the way an artist recognizes proportions, esthetics and balance. He gradually came to realize that the methods used in his rehabilitation and strength training were flawed in their implementation and that there were factors not addressed at all. With this initial revelation, the first step to "The WAY Method" was born.  


         One of the reasons his method is successful, is he views each person as a unique piece of art, He recognizes as he does in his drawings, that the differences that make us uniquely us is what at times causes our problems and that the cause of the problem may not be where the symptom is located. With the realization that nothing is perfect, he continues to redefine his method daily.