A Brief History of how the "WAY" method was born though the eyes of an artist.

Coach Turner was born In a very humble part of Kingston Jamaica and moved to the U.S. with his parents at an early age. As an artist from birth, He spent most of his free time studying and drawing the human body, He was fascinated by it and how challenging it was to reproduce properly. As he got older, he also discovered he had a talent for running as well as a passion for American football. 'When i found out i could hit people and not get in trouble, I was all in."  


He earned a few scholarship offers but decline them for personal reasons and set off far from home. As fate would have it, His college athletic career would be brief. He was subject to yearly rehabilitation sessions in order to heal his many misdiagnosed or mistreated sports and training related injuries. 

He ultimately grew impatient when he was not fully healed by his therapists and their methods and eventually decided to take matters into his own hands. To him, not having answers that worked to fix his issues was unacceptable. 

He began his learning by gradually deconstructed himself piece by piece through hundreds of hours of training and came to realize that the methods used in his rehabilitation and strength training were flawed in their most basic understanding. The errors stemmed primarily from EGO driven implementations and factors that are not addressed at all. BREATH, BALANCE, FLEXION and FOCUS are foundational to body development yet they are rarely taught or mastered by the current system. 

With this initial revelation, the first step to "The WAY Method" was born.