Online Training Begins NOVEMBER 1st


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The 8 foundational / fundamental principles of the WAY method that will be taught are: BREATH, BALANCE, FLEXION, FOCUS, BE, NUTRITION, RECOVERY AND TRAINING.
Benefits to our program:

  • Online training in a group atmosphere that is affordable for those that find 1 to 1 training cost prohibitive 
  • Proper breathing techniques to improve endurance, release endorphins, and develops overall muscle strength 
  • For those that dislike the 'gym' atmosphere
  • For those that do not know what to do in gym or how to use the equipment
  • Minimum equipment (equipment selection for those who desire more than body weight training)
  • For those that want to learn proper alignment to avoid injury 
  • Proper stretching and ball rolling that restores range of motion and alleviates pain and inflammation 

*** Personalized nutrition is available at an additional cost 

-SAMPLE session- Skipping rope basics and benefits tutorial


One of the best full body conditioning exercises! Buy a basic rope on sale at Tj max or somewhere. Don't get carried away and spend more than $12 for a rope and no, you don't need a speed rope or heavy weighted rope. If you start off double jumping between each spin, that's ok for the first week or 2. After that, your ankle and feet should be ok. If you haven't done this in a while, do ONLY 7 minutes!!!!!! NOT 8 NoT 9!!! 7!!! More than that and you may not walk the next few days.

Additional Information about us

We are a selective private training program. We train a very small in house client base! 

This is a specially designed  alignment based strength training system that focuses on "Core" strength(which we consider to be "Mental" strength) & neuromuscular development. Our method remediates pre-existing injuries and imbalances that lead to injuries. This method challenges the novice as well as the most seasoned professional.

With 30 + years of marked experience training Professional athletes, sending youth athletes to D1 & ivy league schools (Stanford, Ohio State, West Point, to name only a few.) Our proprietary method mitigates injuries by addresses imbalances first in order to create stronger and healthier clients of all ages and professions.  

We have left the large facilities for a more personal feel. This enables us to focus on only select individuals. Training sessions are small semi privates set to focus on a clients individual needs.


Our approach to increasing athletic performance.

We are not here to boast “state of the art equipment” or any of the gimmicky catch phrases. Think about this... 

If everyone’s state of the art was so great, why are third world countries kicking our ass or even in the picture in basic events such as track and field when all they have is dirt?  

Instead of gimmicks we provide tried and true methods that have worked for centuries. What’s unique about us is that we focus on the small things, the DETAILS, the things that matter most: neuromuscular connection, ..., ..., ..., hip strength and flexibility, proper alignment in all movements and exercises, finding weak links and correcting them, nutritional balance based on ... levels and fresh prepared all organic foods. It's all in one location and provide the solitude of a comfortable home base from which to recover and develop properly for better mental and neuromuscular cohesion. 

THE WAY METHOD is defined by the definition of the word Innovative

"To make changes in something established, especially by introducing new methods, ideas, or products.

introduce (something new".

All movement must be focused, deliberate, controlled, & precise

This system has been developed through a keen eye for observation and a depth of knowledge wrought from over 30 years of practical experience garnered through the development of some of the highest caliber athletes.

THE "WAY" METHOD Is a neuromuscular alignment based system based on optimizing performance through an integrative mindful training method. 

We train in a method that demands alignment in all movements and a desire to be more than average. This is a practice that must be experienced to truly be understood.

Why no shoes?

Since our inception, before it became a fad, removal of all footwear has been paramount to our training. This is not a trend for us, we have had this in our system since the opening of our first facility. A deeper understanding of the "WAY" will reveal our reasoning, but simply put... Shoes were made to protect us from the rigors of the outside world but they have evolved to unwittingly become a crutch that supports a body that was designed to be strengthened through constant challenges. Removal of  your footwear allows your body to begin stabilizing and strengthening from the bottom up.