"Doctors wanted to operate. Physical therapy didn’t do the trick. For years I was left compensating unilaterally which resulted in further imbalance & only compounded the problem. Thanks to training with Coach Turner in conjunction with dedication to self-care practices, I have seen a 7⁰ improvement in my spinal curvature over the last two months!"


"If you have not tried this training, you will not know how poorly you have been trained in the past." 

Ira Brown (Gonzaga University Basketball)

"I HIGHLY RECOMMEND giving the greatest program I have yet to see and try. It will give you incredible knowledge you can take away and train with on your own for the rest of your life!"

Nicole Harris - ASU Gymnastics - 2004 Olympic contender 

Drew Terrell

CAROLINA PANTHERS (offensive quality control coach) - MICHIGAN (coach)- VIRGINIA TECH (coach) - (played) @ STANFORD UNIVERSITY - HS @ HAMILTON HIGH 

I brought Kevin a very blessed, athletic young man in the fall of 2006; we left Kevin in Spring 2009 with a full ride athletic/academic scholarship to Stanford University.

               I am writing this to THANK YOU for all that you have given Drew to help him accomplish his goals. He has always been very athletic, extremely competitive and honestly...too smart for his own good. But since meeting you and becoming a die hard Core Facility believer he has broadened mentally and physically in all areas of his life. Drew is a responsible, respectful young man and I believe that your influence and guidance has helped him in ways we will never be able to repay. You are phenomenal guiding force for any athlete who strives for perfection. The workouts were not only a physical accomplishment but quickly became a mental challenge that only the best athletes can endure and thrive from. No training he will ever encounter at the next level or above could do for him what his time at the Core Facility has done.
          Drew's senior year started and ended with a shower of accolades and awards. Here are just a few.

o 2008: Preseason All Arizona Team WR by Phoenix Metro Football Magazine.
o Preseason All State WR by 24-7 Football.com.  
o Preseason All Arizona by Max Preps.com.  
o First-Team All Fiesta 5A Region WR (unanimous).  
o First-Team 5A Arizona All State Team at WR by the Arizona Republic .
o First-Team All Arizona 5A Team WR by Arizona Football Coaches  
Association/ Tucson Citizen.  
o First Team WR on the All Arizona “Super Team” by the Arizona Football  
Coaches Association/ Arizona Republic .  
o All Arizona Team All Purpose Back by Arizona Preps Magazine.  
o Prep Football Report All West Region WR.  
o Prep-star All American Team WR.  
o Super-prep All American Team WR.

         Drew had obtained 9 full ride scholarships by the beginning of his senior year; ASU, Stanford, Washington State, UTEP, Air Force, Vanderbilt, Wake Forest, Wyoming and Northwestern. He was still being scouted by USC, Cal, UCLA, U of A, Washington, Notre Dame, Boston College, Princeton, Harvard and Yale just to name a few. Drew committed early in the season to Stanford University and will move there this summer.

Kevin we owe you the world, He did it all with your help!

Love Always,
Marilee and Drew Terrell (#4 next year)

* M.V.P - 2013 Casino Del Sol College All StarClassic.     

Kerrie Kulak - Triathlete


Kerrie Kulak

  • I have been an athlete all my life so I have  experienced a wide variety of training/weight lifting programs. In high school, I ran track and played soccer. I continued on to play soccer at the collegiate level and after graduation played on a semi professional team for 2 years. After 2 ACL knee surgeries (one on each knee) I started to cross train in swimming, biking and running, which eventually led me to begin participating in triathlons. I did my first sprint triathlon in March of 2004. By Oct 2004 I was participating in 1/2-ironman distances (1.2 miles swim, 56 mile bike and 13.1 mile run). It is now three years later and I have completed four 1/2-ironman competitions and this past June finished my first full ironman (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike and 26.2 mile run).             
  • I started at The Core Facility in January of 2007. My intent of joining was for a new workout a change from the typical weight training I had been doing at the gym. Kevin definitely offered a new perspective to weight lifting. It is a perspective that is unique and extremely effective. I have never felt as strong and looked as tone as I do now. The workouts can be challenging and of course a little painful because each exercise targets a specific muscle group. But at the same time it is a total body workout because you are working your mind to make that specific muscle do all the work while keeping relaxed, breathing correctly and tightening the core. 
  • After incorporating the Core Facility philosophy into my workouts I can't go back to the normal weightlifting ways. The philosophy has not only been valuable to developing my strength for my triathlons competitions but also in allowed my muscle structure to become more balanced. 
  • Kerrie Kulak 

Drew Arnold - Basketball


Drew Arnold

  • As a former college athlete for five years and now and up and coming professional basketball player, I have seen and done many variations of what one calls “working out”. By working out I mean all aspects of athletic ability, such as muscle strength and gain, quickness, plyometrics, cardio, speed, agility, balance or any other words you can use to describe it. After training with Coach Turner for the past three months, I feel like the last 5 years before that I was blind and not getting or reaching anywhere near my full potential as an athlete.  
  •           Coach Turner‘s training techniques are much more than just lifting weights or working out in the gym. He teaches you how to use your body in ways you never thought possible. Ways to make the simplest workouts excruciatingly painful because of your technique. Many trainers out there are all about bulking up and lifting as much weight as possible to determine your level of strength. What this does is end up hurting many athletes in the end because they may be lifting heavy weight, but they are not doing it the correct way. I was shocked at how heavy a 5-pound dumbbell could feel when I was lifting it using Coach Turner’s methods. You push yourself on how much you can lift, and how much pain you can tolerate to get the results you want. With Coach Turner, you only get out of it what you put in, and he accepts nothing but the best from all of his clients.  
  •            Another great thing about this training is that not only have I seem tremendous gains in strength, size, balance, speed and quickness, but the whole time it was being injury preventative. Many of the exercises we do force you to not only strengthen the muscles you are targeting, but also the tendons and ligaments so that you make that joint that much stronger. So you really are getting two benefits out of one exercise. When I first started at the Core Facility, I had very weak ankles and would not even play basketball without wearing some sort of ankle protection. In three months my ankle stability has increase so much that I don’t even think about them anymore and do not need to wear braces because they are that strong on their own.  
  •            I honestly feel that if I had been training using Coach Turner’s methods for the last five years, I would be at a level that I can’t even imagine. I would be better than everyone else out there. Not only because of the great athletic benefits, but because training at the Core makes you mentally strong. You can’t train there without having a great focus and ability to constantly tolerate pain and toughness. As I have said to Coach before, working out there is mentally exhausting because of the constant stress and pain you are putting your body through. In the end it is well worth it. Another great thing about his teachings are that they are something that you can never forget. Once you have learned to train the way he teaches, any other way or working out seems like a waste of time because you know there is a better way of doing it.  
  •           I would highly recommend training with Coach Turner over anybody else out there right now. What he is doing is revolutionary and in my opinion will become the future of athletic training. I have benefited from him greatly, and I cannot wait to start training with him when I return from Japan to further push myself to new limits.   
  • Thank you. Sincerely, Drew Arnold

Krystie Dillingham


Krystie Dillingham

  •  In my opinion the most significant word in the English dictionary is the word loyal. According to the Merriam-Webster’s dictionary the word is defined as, faithful to a cause, ideal, custom, institution, or product. The importance of this word in our daily lives lies in our ability to recognize loyalty and loyal individuals in all areas of our life. I can say with extreme conviction that Kevin Turner of the C.O.R.E Facility truly exemplifies the meaning of loyalty in both his personal and professional life.
  •            I have been both a friend and a client of Kevin for almost five years. I first met him when I was 17 years old with hopes of becoming Miss Arizona Teen USA. I lost the pageant but through the support and encouragement of Kevin Turner I gained far more than I ever expected to. The unique quality about Kevin’s training is that he recognizes the importance of an “inner” transformation as well as a “physical” one. He tests your mental and physical abilities and pushes you to limits beyond comprehension. His training is designed to give his clients a new perspective on how to live their lives healthy and happily.
  •            Through his workout and food regimen Kevin provides his clients with all of the necessary tools to make drastic changes in their lives. The quality of training that a client would receive from a corporate gym trainer is incomparable to what Kevin Turner presents his clients, and is what I mentioned earlier, loyalty.
                First and foremost Kevin is loyal to himself and his belief in his training abilities. He has complete confidence in the programs he provides for his clients and undoubtedly promises permanent results in a clients’ “inner” and “outer” selves, so long as the client is fully dedicated to the program. With that said, I can also say that Kevin is completely loyal to his clients. If a person is lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with Kevin he will give them nothing less that 100% of himself, but he does expect 100% in return.
  •             Commitment and hard work from clients is not an expectation it is a requirement. Workouts will always be mentally and physically challenging. In the C.O.R.E Facility easy days are wasted days. Expect to work. Although workout sessions will be difficult Kevin will never present you with a task that is beyond your physical capabilities. If something appears to be too difficult to be done think again, because it a mental challenge not a physical one.
  •             Kevin Turner will give you the results you want. He will be there pushing, encouraging, and helping you through all of the challenges you will face but the reward is well worth the sacrifice. The attention you will receive and the results you will earn can all be attributed to the one quality Kevin exemplifies most, loyalty.
    I am proud to call Kevin my trainer, but I am lucky to call him my friend. You wont be disappointed!

  • Krystie

Nicole Harris - ASU Gymnastics - Olympic contender


Nicole Harris

Hi everyone, my name is Nicole. May I start by saying that I am 20 years old and have been a gymnast (2004 Olympic contender) for most of my life, you can check out some of the stuff I do by just typing my name: Nicole Harris into Youtube.com

I retired from gymnastics and am looking to put my abilities to work in the entertainment industries. In doing so I knew I would have to pick up a new workout regimen that didn't include all the painful body pounding and such.

I met Kevin Turner of The Core Facility and was immediately impressed by his enthusiasm, dedication, and knowledge. I have found that personal trainers are very quick to be anything but personal when it comes to your root well being. Not Kevin! He is so great at showing he cares for his clients. His interest in me and all the others I trained with was remarkable.

The neatest part of Kevin's profession is the method he came up with himself! Here is an excerpt from thecorefacility.com" We have designed a program that is not meant to compete, but to educate and establish a foundation for all fitness regimens. The WAY Method has been created to allow the individual to establish a clearer connection between the body and mind."

The introduction page goes on to state "The goal is to be able to control single fibers of muscle or groups of muscle independently of one another so as to create a combined strength greater as a whole. The training is focused and unlike any other, it is comprehensive and complete. You will learn the essentials of weight training and how to truly benefit from your workouts and develop a leaner and stronger you."

I may be a first class witness to this. As you can imagine, I have been on a search for a challenge, something that would spark my love for exercise again. I thought for sure I knew it all when it came to working out, since I had been doing it all my life. However, just beginning my workouts with Kevin and the staff at The Core Facility has opened my mind up to all the possible functions exercise really can do besides make you strong.

If you are near this area or ever coming to town for a trip, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND giving the greatest program I have yet to see and try. It will give you incredible knowledge you can take away and train with on your own for the rest of your life!

Nicole Harris 

ASU Gymnastics

2004 Olympic contender

Travis Radevski

Diana Brafford