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"I have trained at the Core Facility since I was 15 years old. The training is as good as it comes! I became much more in tune with my body, developed great core strength, and learned the proper way to train. Coach Kev does a great job of motivating and pushing you to your limits! I played 4 years of college athletics (STANFORD UNIVERSITY FOOTBALL) as well as a brief stint in professional sports (NFL). I attribute much of my success and what I know about training today to The Core Facility!


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a few in person time slots that have been made available

If you want the BEST training and results? Thats US!

If you want the cheapest deal, That's NOT US.

Please be aware that we are a private facility with limited availability. We have recently opened up to in home training for a select few. There is a $300 initial consultation/assessment fee for a 90 minute session. We only accept dedicated clients.

We have left the large facilities for a more personal feel. This enables us to focus on select individuals. Training sessions are small semi privates set to focus on a clients individual needs. If you need a shiny new gym, we are not for you!


7⁰ correction in scoliosis

"Doctors wanted to operate. Physical therapy didn’t do the trick. For years I was left compensating unilaterally which resulted in further imbalance & only compounded the problem. Thanks to training with Coach Turner in conjunction with dedication to self-care practices, I have seen a 7⁰ improvement in my spinal curvature over the last two months!"


Welcome to THE CORE FACILITY & the "WAY" method of training. We are aligned with a HEALTH FIRST philosophy and the understanding that through proper alignment, neuromuscular development and a combination of foundational training protocols (Breath-Ballance-Flexion-Focus-Be-Nutrition-Recovery-Training) are necessary for the best performance and "healthy longevity."   

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during his off season.

Age is no excuse

Age is what you make of it. 40+ year old Client and Owner of SIP coffee and Beer garage / SIP coffee and Beer House, speaks about our training. 

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Arizona Republic Newspaper Article

Slimming down

Slimming down

The day after the season ended, Cardinals kicker Neil Rackers joked that if the uprights had been moved just a few inches, he would have had one heck of a season.

Instead, Rackers missed nine field goals, including a few in late-game situations.

In 2005, Rackers enjoyed one of the finest seasons by a kicker in NFL history, making 40 of 42 field-goal tries. After last season ended, he tried to come up with reasons for the decline in 2006. One difference, he realized, was that he was carrying more weight.

So on Jan. 4, he hired a personal trainer, Kevin Kondo-Turner at the Core Facility in Scottsdale.

"I had an extra 5 to 7 pounds and didn't feel quite as good physically," Rackers said. "I figured it was time to go to work."

Rackers worked with Kondo-Turner for three months, dropped weight and improved his muscle tone.

It's hard to imagine there is an NFL kicker in better shape. He might be strong enough to move the uprights himself.

Subject: Professional football; Sports training; Athletes

Publication title: Arizona Republic; Phoenix, Ariz.

Publication year: 2007

Publication date: Apr 9, 2007

Source type: Newspapers

Arizona Republic article about Cardinals kicker Neil Rackers and how fit he looked.
Arizona Republic article about Cardinals kicker Neil Rackers and how fit he looked.