"If you have not tried this training

you will not know how poorly

you have been trained in the past"

Ira Brown

Gonzaga basketball

We are a membership based MIND & BODY DEVELOPMENT training facility


TCF is a Private/limited membership base business. We are primarily an ATHLETE DEVELOPMENT training facility. SECONDARILY, we cater to a SELECT group of DEDICATED health seekers looking for more than what is available in today’s fitness circus.

Our selection process is designed to assure that the VALUE and results we bring will be appreciated by our clients. We are passionate about what we do and we want those who share a desire for more than being average to join us.

It's not about teaching the body to do a thing, It's about teaching the MIND. The body will assuredly follow.

"I HIGHLY RECOMMEND giving the greatest program I have yet to see and try. It will give you incredible knowledge you can take away and train with on your own for the rest of your life!"

Nicole Harris - ASU Gymnastics - 2004 Olympic contender 

"If you have not tried this training, you will not know how poorly you have been trained in the past." 

Ira Brown

NFL - Karlos Dansby

NFL - Chris Clemons

MLS - Andrew Weber

NFL - Michael Robinson

NFL - JJ Arrington

Gonzaga - Ira Brown

NFL - Bryant Johnson

NFL - Neil Rackers

NFL - Marcell Shipp

NFL - Chris Jennings

Training designed to create "A HEALTHY and FIT SOCIETY"

Age is what you make of it. 40+ year old Client and Owner of SIP coffee and Beer garage / SIP coffee and Beer House / SIP coffee and Beer Kitchen, speaks about our training.

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Address: 2515 N. SCOTTSDALE RD #19 contact us on "The Cut" app