We are primarily an ATHLETE DEVELOPMENT training facility


TCF is a Private/limited membership base business. We are primarily an ATHLETE DEVELOPMENT training facility. Secondarily, we cater to a select group of dedicated health seekers looking for more than what is available in today’s fitness circus.


We train in a method that demands alignment in all movements and a desire to be more than average. This is a practice that must be experienced to truly be understood.

Gonzaga - Ira Brown

NFL - Chris Clemons

NFL - Karlos Dansby

MLS - Andrew Weber

NFL - Michael Robinson

NFL - JJ Arrington

Training designed to create "A HEALTHY and FIT SOCIETY"

Age is what you make of it. 40+ year old Client and Owner of SIP coffee and Beer garage / SIP coffee and Beer House / SIP coffee and Beer Kitchen, speaks about our training.

AFFILIATE -Pomegranate cafe Phoenix & Ahwatukee

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