An integrative approach to overall health and athletic performance

Detoxification Protocol. More than just food.

A healthy and subsequently better performing body is achieved from more than just eating the right foods, we approach the task of wellness through a multifaceted program.

Our 3 pillars to Optimal health include:

  • Foods and liquids that nourish the body properly
  • Household & environmental toxins to avoid and their substitutes
  • Body care products that promote cleanliness without harmful chemicals 

We see this approach as the most comprehensive means to attaining whatever the goals of our clients may be. We are here to give all the information necessary for success. It is up to you to decide how much you are willing to do and how much you value your health.

''To us, nothing is more valuable"

Shamara Bargeron, Holistic Nutritionist

The food we eat changes everything

Every morsel of food we eat has the power to affect our weight, our energy, our skin, our digestion, our risk of disease, and everything in between.Which means that your diet may be making you fat, lethargic, sick, grumpy, bloated, and breakout prone. 

Nutrition for the Athlete

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Detoxification protocol

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